Gothia Poster

Gothia Cup poster created as a birthday gift

Neo Album

Photo made the album cover of Neo Cartoon Lovers 'Collected Workz'. Link to the album below

6 months

First photo session with a baby boy of 6 months. Very patient and happy throughout the session :-)


A while back a good friend of mine asked me to take a couple of 'corporate' photos, suit n tie type of setup. The final result was produced by using a typical three flash setup for portraits, although working with only 220EXs without TTL support was ... time consuming.

I'm currently participating in a competition at where they provide you with a free photo book on signup. Really nice look and feel to the book, where I included a mix of past photographs along with an image specifically crafted for the competition.



Simple concept render of a world map, VRay/3DSMax project

1891 ...

Processing old photos from late 1800 for a commercial company. Really impressed by what 'Perfect Resize' from onOne can do with low resolution files.

Logo render

Snapshot result from a playing around with VRay/3DSmax for a couple of hours. Tried to reduce the number of polys while keeping it somewhat detailed.



Just kickstarted a poc iOS application to get launched on the appstore. Will be interesting to see the submission process through, even for a simple utility app.